20. Dezember 2010


EU-Russia relations end year on upbeat note

Several meetings between European Union and Russian politicians in the past two weeks confirm that the bilateral relationship is becoming increasingly productive and is clearly in better health than at the beginning of the year.
EU-Russia Centre Column by Rory Watson

14. Dezember 2010


Text of letter to President Medvedev

European politicians send an open letter to president Medwedjew in the case Chodorkovsky

The pronouncement of judgement in the case of Chodorkovsky and Lebedev will start on December 27th. The signatories of the letter demand, that the Russian government give respect for the rule of law and citizens' fundamental human rights not only in words but also in his deeds.
The Financial Times publishes the letter.

01. Dezember 2010


Curriculum of Werner Schulz

Werner Schulz, civil right activist and member of the European Parlament The Greens/EFA

02. November 2010


European Commission confirms cessation in funding for highway through Moscow’s Khimki Forest

ST. PETERSBUrG – The European Commission has confirmed that its structures will not finance the building of a highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg that cuts through the Khimki Forest north of Moscow, German European Parliamentarian Werner Shulz of the Group of Greens/European Free Alliance has told Bellona Web.