26. März 2013


EU must withhold visa liberalisation for officials over civil society harassment

The growing harassment and crackdowns against civil society organisations and NGOs by the Russian authorities raise real concerns about the health of Russian democracy. The EU cannot stand idly by in the face of this harassment of NGOs. One concrete response would be an immediate freeze of a planned visa liberalisation scheme between the EU and Russia for officials involved in this civil society crackdown or those suspected of complicity in the murder of Sergei Magnitsky.

21. März 2013 Press release


EU-Russia No visa liberalisation for criminal officials

It is incomprehensible that the majority of EU governments has given in to pressure from Moscow on visa liberalisation for Russian officials against the background of the unresolved Mangitsky case. EU member states should have instead followed the US's lead and, at the very minimum, imposed sanctions on those connected with the murder of Sergei Magnitsky, including visa restrictions.

20. März 2013


Neighbourhood policy: Eastern partnership at a crossroads

After today's presentation of the progress reports on Neighbourhood policy, Greens/EFA foreign affairs spokesperson Werner Schulz commented on the state of play of the Eastern Partnership (for Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia):

13. März 2013


EU and Ukraine: closer ties despite backsliding?

The political situation in Ukraine remains tense. An article by Werner Schulz

30. Januar 2013


Presentation of the "European Platform for Democratic Elections" in Brussels

In December 2012, twelve civil society organisations supporting or conducting citizens' election observation in the countries of the Eastern Partnership, the Russian Federation and the European Union have launched the "European Platform for Democratic Elections" (EPDE) in Warsaw.

25. Februar 2013 EU-Ukraine-Summit


Ukraine's leadership frittering away chances for closer relations

Commenting on today's EU-Ukraine summit in Brussels Rebecca Harms, Greens/EFA co-president and Werner Schulz, Green foreign affairs spokesperson, said:
"Ukraine's political leadership under president Yanukovych is consciously frittering away the chances for an association agreement.

"MEPs give mixed reactions to outcome of EU-Ukraine summit", The Parliament, 25.02.13

25. Januar 2013


Nomination of Lyudmila Alexeyeva for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

On initiative of Werner Schulz the whole Green group of the EP supports the nomination of Lyudmila Alexeyeva for Nobel Peace Prize 2013 with an own initiative letter.