24. Januar 2013


More financial support for democracy assistance in neighbour countries

130125_PientkowskiThere has been talk about it for some time, now it has been founded: The European Endowment for Democracy (EED). More information about the endowment, its goals, structure and the people involved follows:

14. Dezember 2012


Worldwide Reading for Pussy Riot

121212_Lesung_Pussy_Riot_Lichtenberger_und_SchulzGreen MEPs organised a reading in the European Parliament in Strasbourg to participate in a worldwide reading for Pussy Riot (12.12.12).


12. Dezember 2012


EU must work to strengthen pro European forces

Commenting on today’s debate on the situation in Ukraine and the relations to the newly elected Verkhovna Rada, Greens foreign affairs spokesperson Werner Schulz said:
“The broad consensus in the European Parliament and Council to retain the course of rapprochement between the European Union and Ukraine is welcome. However, the country still has a lot of work to do to overcome its democratic deficits. The parliamentary elections in October were a significant step backwards compared to previous elections, as underlined by international election observation missions. Ukraine missed a chance to speed-up its association with the EU.

11. Dezember 2012


Digital Freedom in Foreign Policy: EU must be a force for positive change

The internet and new technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the lives of Europeans and citizens everywhere. While several EU Member States have identified access to internet as a fundamental right, more and more, repressive regimes try to control and censor the internet, sometimes with the complicity of European companies. This is unacceptable, and is one of the practices the Greens and the European Parliament voted today to discourage.

30. November 2012


Statement in support of presenting the Luther Award “Das unerschrockene Wort” to the Russian women’s punk band Pussy Riot

The German town of Wittenberg was under fire for nominating Russian punk group Pussy Riot for a prize to honor the three members who were jailed for protesting against President Vladimir Putin during a church service. Werner Schulz supports the nomination strongly. In a detailed paper he explains, why the prize should be awarded to the young women. Download statement, 18 pages (pdf)

07. Dezember 2012


Green Conference "Bloggers for democracy", 5.12.12, Brussels


Autocracies fighting back?

The Arab Spring was initiated by a new generation of activists and engaged citizens, who came together on the internet in platforms and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and many other blogs searching for information and exchanging views. Their spontaneous and extremely rapidly organised protests and actions brought the governments literally to standstill. But dictators are also learning quickly, as the example of Belarus show.
Green MEPs invited internet and software experts, specialised in avoiding digital supervision systems and supporting internet activists as well as bloggers from Russia, China, Azerbaijan and Egypt, who reported from their personal experience.

11. November 2012 RESOLUTION EGP


European Greens voted for possible sanctions on Russia for the Neglect of Human Rights

At their last council meeting in Athen/ Greece the European Greens voted for a resolution,  that calls on the EU to impose sanctions on Russian authorities for disregard of human rights and basic freedoms, in particular in relation to the well-documented Magnitsky case and of the feminist punk collective Pussy Riot. download resolution (pdf)