04. Juni 2012 EU-russia-summit


Russia is not a strategic partner

 Following the EU-Russia Summit Werner Schulz, Green MEP and Vice-Chair of the Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, declared:

 The first EU-Russia Summit held with Vladimir Putin back in the president's chair demonstrates nothing but the deep crisis in the EU-Russia relationship. Currently, Russia does not appear as a strategic partner of the EU. There are no common interests and values both partners share.

24. Mai 2012


Ukraine: Yanukovich gets red card from EP

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution on the situation in the Ukraine, highlighting the problems with human rights and political repression. Commenting on the outcome, Green foreign affairs spokesperson Werner Schulz said:

"The opposition politicians who were responsible for bringing the European championships to the Ukraine will be languishing behind bars, while the current regime will be sitting in the stands and basking in the glow of the tournament."It is high time to show this regime the red card for its persistent abuse of human rights and political repression.

24. Mai 2012 article


Forever and ever – Putin? Russia at the crossroads and what Europe can do

120507_Amtsantritt_PutinThe mass protests since the falsified Duma election last December have changed Russia, writes Green EU MP Werner Schultz in a viewpoint article for EurActiv.de. The country’s political system is more fragile than ever. The politics of the street appear exhausted. Whether Russia will venture down the path toward a modern future or remain mired in stagnation will be determined during Vladimir Putin’s third term as president.

15. Mai 2012


Who Killed Natasha? Film screening and debate in the EP

120515_Who_killed_NataschaOn the15th of May a film screening took place in the European Parliament in Brussels. The event which I had the chance to support and introduce was organized by the Czech NGO "People in Need". The presented movie is a documentary about Russian journalist Natalya Estimirova who has worked for years in Chechnya trying to attract attention to and improve the human rights situation in the region.

13. April 2012


Euronest records progress despite tensions on Nagorno Karabakh

Lnderlogo_AserbaidschanEnergy and security, a stronger role for parliamentary democracy and civil society as well as economic reform assistance to the EU's Eastern neighbours were the key topics of the second Euronest meeting concluded on Wednesday in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Resolutions were adopted on all these issues as well as one calling for proper healthcare for Yulia Tymoshenko.

25. April 2012


Ukraine: EU must up pressure on Yanukovych over treatment of opposition politicians

Commenting on reports that jailed former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko has started a hunger strike in response to the conditions of her detention, mistreatment and being denied access to suitable medical treatment, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms stated:

30. März 2012


EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Further steps must be dependent on real progress on basic rights and democratic reforms

An Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine will be initialed this afternoon. The Greens are calling for further progress and the full signature of the agreement to be made dependent on substantial progress on democratic reforms and the guarantee of basic rights in Ukraine. Commenting on the situation, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms and Werner Schulz, member of the foreign comittee said: