27. November 2013 article


The neighbour no one loves - The EU should not write off Belarus

The deplorable human rights situation in Belarus has in no way improved. A large number of political prisoners remain behind bars and President Alyaksandr Lukashenka continues to rule with an authoritarian hand. It would, though, be a mistake for the EU to abandon its efforts to engage with this 'hopeless case'. The EU should continue the dialogue with Belarus while making sure not to break contacts with its citizens and reform-oriented forces. The Union must take care, though, not to be taken in once again by Lukashenka's 'see-saw' policy and double-dealing. The release and rehabilitation of political prisoners and an end to repression against civil society are prerequisites for closer ties. There can be no normalisation of relations as long Lukashenka remains in power. 

22. November 2013


DW "Russian threats block Ukraine-EU trade deal"

Logo Deutsche WelleUkraine and the EU were set to sign a key agreement that would strengthen ties between Kyiv and Brussels. But Ukrainian leaders and lawmakers, under pressure from Moscow, appear to have turned away from the deal.

22. November 2013


Ukrainian government decision derails EU relationship at crucial moment accord decision

This decision by the Ukrainian government risks derailing its relationship with the EU at the most crucial moment. An economically weak Ukraine was not able to resist Russian pressure, threats and economic sanctions any longer. The EU must now support Ukraine and its people in their pursuit for democracy and a functioning rule of law, which has underway since the Orange Revolution in 2004.

11. November 2013


Supporting reforms - promoting change: EU cooperation for a successful Eastern Partnership

Eap LeafletWhat is the Eastern Partnership about, what are the key milestones and figures, what has it achieved? What exactly is the 'more for more' principle? And Comprehensive Institution Building? What is the EU doing for civil society? A new leaflet, published by the EU ahead of the Vilnius EaP Summit on 28 - 29 november 2013 answers all these questions on the Eastern Partnership.

16. Oktober 2013 press release


Putin eliminates Navalny as a political opponent

"The suspended sentence against Alexei Navalny is an exercise in damage-limitation by the Kremlin. Putin is carefully avoiding making Navalny into a martyr. Nevertheless, Putin has managed to neutralise his fiercest political opponent by preventing him from carrying out any political activities. Due to the completely fallacious nature of the allegations, the appeal should have led only to acquittal or dismissal.

29. Oktober 2013 press release


Georgia elections A Model for the Eastern Partnership

"The international and domestic election observers testify that Sunday's elections and the election campaign were free and fair, largely transparent and compliant with international rules. But: Power and influence will be concentrated in the hands of one party and one man. The EU expects a cabinet of ministers able to act freely and not a puppet show.

30. September 2013


Jusitfication to the nomination of Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Michael ChodorkovskiOn Monday, 30 september 2013, members of the European Parliament vote on three finalists for EP´s Sakharov Prize 2013. As an unbroken fighter for democracy, the rule of law and the social market economy in Russia Mikhail Khodorkovsky truly deserves the prize.