29. Oktober 2013 press release


Georgia elections A Model for the Eastern Partnership

Commenting on the results of the presidential elections in Georgia, Greens/EFA MEP Werner Schulz, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Parliamentary Assembly of the States of the Eastern Partnership (EURONEST), said:

"The international and domestic election observers testify that Sunday's elections and the election campaign were free and fair, largely transparent and compliant with international rules. Thus, Georgia is an outstanding example of democracy for Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.
Power and influence will be concentrated in the hands of one party and one man. In this regard it is even more important that Premier Bidsina Ivanishvili acts transparently as he installs his powerful successor over the next few days and then withdraws from the daily business. The EU expects a cabinet of ministers able to act freely and not a puppet show.

It is equally important to review, using legal means and in accordance with the rule of law, the cases of misconduct and abuse of office that took place during the term of the now outgoing President Michal Saakashvili. Georgia cannot afford a politically motivated, selective justice as is the case in Ukraine. This would strongly and negatively influence Georgia's rapprochement with the EU.
Georgia needs political and economic stability, so that it can initial the Association Agreement at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius and then sign and implement it in the next year."