26. März 2014


Hearing "Putin's Russia: Soviet Union reloaded?"

140401 Plakat Putins Sowjetunion kleinOn 1 of April 2014 in European Parliament in Brussels will take place a hearing on the current developments in Russia. We and our guests Nadeshda Tolokonnikova & Maria Aliokhina (Pussy Riot) and Oleg Orlov (Memorial Russia) are pleased to invite you to join or to follow this event (via livestream).

17. März 2014


Ukraine-Russia Sanctions the correct response to Russia's actions in the Crimea

Commenting on the outcome of today's Council of EU foreign ministers in response to the referendum held yesterday in the Crimea: "Putin's actions in Ukraine represent the return of aggressive nationalism, which aims to reunify Russians beyond Russia's borders. Turning a blind eye to 'keep the peace' will only confirm Putin in his aggression course. Only the resolute defense of international law can secure a peaceful future for us and our eastern neighbors.

04. März 2014


DW "Russia is only hurting itself'

Logo Deutsche WelleEU parliamentarian Werner Schulz calls for a tough response to Russia's actions in Ukraine. He says the EU could put economic pressure on Russia, which is already feeling the economic consequences of the invasion.

19. Februar 2014 press release


EU must act; Red Cross involvement key

Following the escalation of violence in Ukraine, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms and green foreign and neighbourhood policy spokesperson Werner Schulz commented:

"The EU must exert pressure on Kiev and Moscow equally. Europe is not powerless: EU governments must swiftly adopt targeted sanctions against those in the Ukrainian leadership, who are responsible for the escalation. Freezing their accounts is overdue.

12. Dezember 2013


20 Years of the Constitution of the Russian Federation – Theory and Practice

131212 Titelbild Broschüre Russian Constitution 170On the 12th of December, 1993, a new Russian constitution was adopted in a referendum, with just under sixty percent of the vote. It was a step towards the rule of law and legal security, although not all of its precepts were implemented equally. Today the wide gap that exists between constitutional law and constitutional reality in Russia today is evidence. But a European-Russian partnership, even a "strategic or modernization partnership" can function only on the basis of concurring basic values and the bonds of trust they engender.

28. Januar 2014


EU-Russia relations Ukraine crisis overshadows summit

Commenting on today's EU-Russia summit, Green foreign policy spokesperson Werner Schulz said:
"Today's summit is totally overshadowed by the crisis in Ukraine and the role of Russian president Putin in the crisis. The Winter Games in Sochi will also be taking place in the shadow of the Ukrainian crisis. Through political pressure and financial blackmail Putin derailed the association agreement with the EU, triggering the mass protests in Maidan Square. He has also provided the blueprints for the undemocratic laws passed to silence the opposition. This is no basis for a constructive relationship with the EU.

12. Dezember 2013


European Parliament calls for round table to resolve crisis

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution on the situation in Ukraine. Rebecca Harms an Werner Schulz stated:
"The European Parliament has today sent a clear signal to President Yanukovych. MEPs have called for the urgent convening of a round table at which not only the government and opposition should sit, but also, on an equal footing, representatives of civil society and students who are currently protesting in Maidan Square.