12. Dezember 2013


20 Years of the Constitution of the Russian Federation – Theory and Practice

These prerequisites are not met at present. So I advise the Union and its member states to engage in an honest debate about the conditions which must be in place for a partnership to be forged. Ultimately, at issue is the realignment of the EU Russian policy. This must be accompanied by our full support for the protesting civil society. The EU can and must do more to help democratic forces, for, ultimately, only they can bring about change for the better.

The Study "20 Years of the Constitution of the Russian Federation" was commissioned by Werner Schulz (Study is also available in german)

Dr. Sergey Belov, St. Petersburg State University (SB)
Prof. Burkhard Breig, Freie Universität Berlin (BB)
Prof. Caroline von Gall, Universität zu Köln (CvG)